Restoration Walnut Clock

Walnut clock from the Restoration period.

Very beautiful walnut case, light colour, height 2.56 m, panelled sides. Two opening windows on the sides. Case in half-columns with bronze bases and capitals.
Width 63 cm, depth 32 cm.

Door providing access to the mechanism, with its original window.
Door with circular opening for pendulum lens.
Convex enamel dial, black Roman numerals in relief, with an indication of the perpetual calendar (day of the week).

Signed “Bréchard Cadet a Chamelet (Rhône)”.
Metal varnished carved brass hands. Date hand in varnished polished steel.

Oval pediment in varnished stamped brass.

Striking on bronze bell: one strike on the half hour and repetition of the hours.

Spirally fluted barrel drum to prevent twisting of the strings (Lacroix patent, Morez 1839).

Movement with verge escapement.

Brass lens pendulum; silk yarn front suspension.

Weekly winding.

Ref.: 107.
Warranty: 2 years.
Price: 2200 €.

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