English Long – Case Clock 1850

English long case clock 1850 …………. Could not be found in France !!

Very low height 2,22 m. !!! Pine case and rosenwood marquetry, varnished « au tampon «
Width 43 to 57 cm . Depth 25 cm
Beautiful dial plate hand painted signed J.Kent in Manchester, and representative :

– In its center, a bird ( guèpier d’Europe ) on a branch
– An under growth scene of Romeo an Juliet. Juliet holds in her right hand a pen with which she has written on the trunk of tree two verses of Shakespeare beginning so : Loving memory …..
– An opening shaped crescent moon revealing the days of the month on a rotating disc.

Anchor escapment mechanism

The winding of the two weights by chain pulling, 2 Times per week.
The hands are polished lacquered bras, cut and chiseled by hand.

Striking on bronze bell : 1 strike at the half hour and hours counting.

Ref.: 313.
Warranty: 2 years.
Price: 4850 €.

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