Skeleton clock – 1860

The wall mounted skeleton clock (registered design*) sets out to be resolutely contemporary. Starting with a fully renovated antique movement, the front face and sides are replaced by transparent walls, mounted on hinges, to protect the mechanism from dust and enable the mechanism and the perfectly hand polished brass cogs to be observed and admired. The iron cage and the two cast iron feet are lacquered white to fit any style.

You will delight in watching the escapement endlessly separate the seconds (left half of the clock) and see the bell mechanism turn quickly as the hours pass (right half). The view of the pendulum peaceful marking the passing time will also be a visual and restful pleasure.

The hand carved pediment (registered design), in a thin brass foil, adorns the top of the clock whilst concealing the bronze bell.

The shape of the Skeleton Clock, design of the hands, the type of escapement (verge or anchor) may vary according to our supply.

Similarly, the pendulum can be either a single brass lens suspended from a metal rod or a more decorative high lyre pendulum. Wall mounting is provided by two small white metal brackets or optionally by a wrought iron bracket.

The skeleton clock will fit perfectly into any living room, whether contemporary or classical, will delight your guests and you will have an object to be proud of.

– Wrought iron bracket.
– Bell stop night tab: to prevent triggering the bell whenever you want.

* Registered design means that this presentation of the skeleton clock, with its hand carved pediment, has been registered with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) and any person who might be tempted to imitate by copying the idea or design would be prosecuted with heavy financial penalties.

Warranty: 2 years.
Price: 950 €.

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