Display Travel Clock

Display Skeleton Travel Clock

Width 170 mm, height 340 mm, depth 170 mm.

Original model, sobriety and purity of line, it will not be out of place on any item of antique or contemporary furniture.

Unique creation in birth veneer and elm burr. Five glazed surfaces.

The window is provided with a recess for storing the key (removable when opening the door).

You can admire the 18th movement mechanism with wire suspension through the window.

Silver and hand-guilloched dial with blue Roman numerals. Beaded bronze collar.
Poisched steel needle of the “Bréguet” type.
Very fine brass lens pendulum.

Striking on a bronze bell: one strike on the half hour and hour counting.

Winding twice a month.

Ref.: 337
Warranty: 2 years.
Price: 1100 €.

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