Black Forest Estampe Wall Clock ( 50% Discount )

Characteristic Black Forest wall clock circa 1870.

Small black wooden plaque with a brass stamp representing a forest scene: squirrel, royal eagle and foliage.

Height 25 cm, width 20 cm, depth 14 cm.

Glazed window opening to the front, with two small openings providing access to the side.

Traditional wooden frame, iron/brass cogs.
Anchor escapement.

White enamel dial with Roman numerals.
Ground steel hands.

Brass lens pendulum.

Weights in the shape of pine cones suspended by chains.

Striking on spiral gong: one strike on the half hour and counting of hours.

Wall mounting.

Daily winding by means of chains.

The Black Forest” clocks bear the name of the Black Forest Region (Schwarzwald in Germany) manufactured since the beginning of the 18th century by peasants of this region who sculpted the word in the winter to pass the time.

The famous “cuckoos” on which a bird or small person appears at the time of striking also often originate from this region of Neustadt.

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